Samstag 10. März  / Saturday March 10th
Aperitiv um 20.00 Uhr / Aperitif at 8.00 pm


While sun and frost is battling out these last few weeks of winter we wish to invite you to a celebratory
dinner  starring one of the few vegetables that have endured through the bleak Berlin winter.
It's of course the hardy family of Brassicaceae, or the humble cabbages, that we are putting centre stage. 

As always, the Bistro team will be preparing a seasonal feats
from local, wild and organic produce including pickled walnuts, 
picked last spring a stones throw away from our studio.


Pickled Brassicae
Soda bread & brown butter
Red cabbage remoulade & pickled walnuts
Stuffed savoy cabbage & pumpkin mash
Buckwheat cake



Eingelegte Brassicae
Sodabrot & braune Butter
Rotkohlremoulade & eingelegte Walnüsse
Wirsingrouladen & Kürbispuree